SAT. APRIL 14TH at Milestone Studios (10 to 4:30) Lunch included.

With increasing frequency, producer’s are requesting actors to self tape  rather than hold auditions. The recent spate of self tapes I received casting the Movie Of The Week "Love At The Ice Hotel" and the second season of "Collision Course" is a prime example. With Pilot season soon upon us, increased production in the Sault, North Bay, Ottawa and beyond, we can expect a huge demand on the actors to be self taping auditions. 

The constant refrain I get from producers and directors, however, is that actors don’t know how to audition! Now they have added the complaint that they don’t know how to self tape, either.

It’s a double whammy, that harms the acting community and actually makes all our jobs harder while saving the producer’s money.

On APRIL 14th, at Milestone Studios I will be hosting a Self Tape and Audition Technique one day intensive to address this issue.

Actors participating will be given a unique audition piece to prepare (film and television script) and present on camera. The morning lecture will instruct actors on the following:

1. Creating a self tape space in your home. Including a lighting plot,  technical specs, and colour palette.
2. How to prepare your audition for presentation.
3. How to process your work for presentation in a professional manner.
4. How to get off book in lightning speed.
5. Which systems are most accessible for hosting video and compliant with the casting platforms (Breakdown Services, Casting Workbook, Now Casting Etc.)
6.  All actors will receive a link to their auditions online.

Lunch will be provided along with refreshment.

As an award-winning director, casting director with over 25 years experience and having taught acting for the past 20 years, I bring virtually all aspects of the business to my classroom. Actors leave enriched and empowered to take greater risks; showcase their talents to greater effect; and book with more consistency.

Space is limited to no more than 20 actors to participate.

Tuition is 275.00 plus HST

To reserve the class, actors must send me their picture and resume, and remit tuition via Interac online banking or present cash at the class.